Friday, December 12, 2008

The O'connell Family

Meet Andrea and her 2 beautiful children - Danny and Meaghan. Danny is currently a senior and star center for his high school basketball team and will be headed off for college next year. Meaghan is an active 8th grader who competes in cheer competitions.

Yesterday was quite a wet day for the Bay Area but the O'Connell's braved the elements and we headed to San Andreas Reservoir near their home in Millbrae for a portrait session.

Meet Dusty

Meaghan & Andrea

Very wet!

I love the mood of this shot

What a beautiful family!

Natalie and Andrea meet for the first time

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chicago in the Winter

I headed out to Chicago for the RSNA Conference held annually at the McCormick Place Convention Center. My flight out to Chicago was delayed nearly 2 hours and I ended up getting into my hotel really late.

All the local restaurants were closed and I was forced to order food from the hotel. This spicy bleu cheese burger actually wasn't bad.

Snow fell my first night there but it actually wasn't that cold yet.

Here was a little tribute to diMaggio's 56-game hitting streak on Taylor St

McCormick Place Convention Center

Downtown Chicago at sunset is just magnificent

Can't leave Chicago without a shot of Cloud Gate - a.k.a. "the bean" at Millennium Park

See the icicles? It was so sunny but only about 16 degrees on my last day!

The el train is the easiest and cheapest way to get around Chicago - on my way to Midway