Saturday, May 31, 2003

Baller 4 life

Running and ballin' are totally different in the types of muscles you use. I've been ballin' all week and my legs and arse have been more sore than ever - strange....

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

a day of rest

Today was restful - went to Sam Woo Cafe for lunch and shopped at 99 Ranch. I saw colorful veggies including mint that looked like weed, a drooling fish, and a young superstarlet. I then took my mother to the mall. I found my way to the arcade and saw air hockey with no one to play with, fake gambling, an odd vending machine, and plenty of games from my youthful life...








Tuesday, May 20, 2003

because I can

the neighborhood is not serene, the air is not cool, the sun is scorching, too many cars on the road, yet I run. Yesterday I found myself running around the city thinkin' about why my job can suck at times, why that kid threw something at me as he drove by, and why there is now pain in my left calf. I needed some time to clear my head but not exactly sure what I'm clearing it of, but at the end of my run I felt much better. Yes, I was in pain but was it physical or mental?

I think it's time for a vacation - something away from "sitting on the beach" as a consultant. I need to find a real beach or something away from the city. Days go by and I'm tired of hanging online each hour to see if I have a work assignment. Take me away

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

13 Mile

hey pretty mama, just hear out m'drama
I see you callin', but I ain't stallin'

My oh my, I'm meltin' in a hot room, oh this nurse! she's so steamed she gonna whack us with a fat broom!
It's just so stuffy and you nurses keep complainin'
Who? Cerner? id dat who you be blamin'?

Hey woman, you gotta learn PowerChart!
Oy...that free breakfast today keep makin' me wanna fart
Donna's got command, she's just an intellectual
last night's small group potluck was pretty delectable

M'body's still achin' from last night's 13-mile run
That last mile - o' my legs felt like a ton
I wish I could run like Flo-Jo, I wish I could run like Flo-Jo
Hmm...right now I feel like playing Word Mojo

My thoughts are just fleeting
'cuz I'm just rappin' thru this meeting
Maybe I should pay attention
but that doesn't jive with my intention guy and eleven chicks
Sound like fun? Nope, this ain't my schtick!
I just can't wait for my annual review
Oh Lord, please give me a preview?

Peace out yo'

Monday, May 12, 2003

Mary's Birthday weekend

Chicago's definitely a place for big appetites. I got to sample delectables ranging from "suicide buffalo wings" to a full plate of $6 savory beef ribs! to Bob Chinn's Crabhouse to home-made pastries. It was definitely a nostalgic weekend reminiscent of my formative undergrad years. It's been refreshing to see old faces and share good times.

We had a good time celebrating Mary's Birthday in grand fashion - Happy 26th Birthday =)

By week's end we all woke up pretty ZOINKED!

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Just Keep Nodding

Here are some photos taken during my shadow week in Chicago. It's a blessing to be surrounded by awesome friends - God is Good =) Pictured above are Bryan, Mary, and her roommates, Kristen & Kristine. We enjoyed a nearly "bottomless" dinner at the FoodLife court restaurant. Too bad photos were prohibited inside the restaurant area - perhaps some sort of key to their success? You have a choice of salads, bottomless soups, rotisserie, asian, mexican, wraps, creole, italian, burgers & dogs, and probably other goodies I can't think of at the moment - definitely worth another visit =)

I'm actually journaling on a notepad in the middle of a client meeting. A client rep. is giving an intro to PowerChart presentation to rehabilitation clinicians and I think I'd fall out of my chair from boredom if I don't keep writing. Today has been a really sleepy day but I'm having too much fun to not stay out late and soak in Chicago.
THUD! Nice! - the clinician sitting next to me just passed out and banged his head on the table. Perhaps a good indication that a break is necessary. I thought I was gettin' pretty good at masking my own nodding off - as soon as I felt my head begin to nod, I continued to nod as if I'm in agreement with the speaker's comments.

Maybe I'm just convincing myself that no one else notices o_O

Saturday, May 3, 2003

"Are You Gellin'?"

I'm gellin' like a felon. My $7 J.Crew dress shoes are really comfy now that I've surpassed the 'break-in' period. No - I don't have those Dr. Scholl's gel insoles but that commercial is stuck in my head from watching all those NBA playoff games on TNT. It's either that or those 'Great Taste - Less Filling' Miller Lite ads that get played over and over during the commercial breaks.

I took this pic with my new digital camera =) I really love the photo quality - It took forever for Dell to ship my camera out but it was worth the wait. Still need to find a camera case - especially if I'm traveling cross country to Chicago for Bryan and Marys' graduations (congrats and happy birthday to the both of ya!). This camera's kinda bulky and won't fit into my old case. Another cool thing I've been tryin' out is the NightVision function - took some
freaky pictures last night =O

There's a slight possibility that I'll be assigned to a project in the Cayman Islands for work! I have no idea what's out there but I'll be sure to document and photograph my journey there if I'm so lucky.

I sure am Gellin' Like a Felon...want some melon?