Tuesday, May 13, 2003

13 Mile

hey pretty mama, just hear out m'drama
I see you callin', but I ain't stallin'

My oh my, I'm meltin' in a hot room, oh this nurse! she's so steamed she gonna whack us with a fat broom!
It's just so stuffy and you nurses keep complainin'
Who? Cerner? id dat who you be blamin'?

Hey woman, you gotta learn PowerChart!
Oy...that free breakfast today keep makin' me wanna fart
Donna's got command, she's just an intellectual
last night's small group potluck was pretty delectable

M'body's still achin' from last night's 13-mile run
That last mile - o' my legs felt like a ton
I wish I could run like Flo-Jo, I wish I could run like Flo-Jo
Hmm...right now I feel like playing Word Mojo

My thoughts are just fleeting
'cuz I'm just rappin' thru this meeting
Maybe I should pay attention
but that doesn't jive with my intention

Hmm...one guy and eleven chicks
Sound like fun? Nope, this ain't my schtick!
I just can't wait for my annual review
Oh Lord, please give me a preview?

Peace out yo'

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