Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Just Keep Nodding

Here are some photos taken during my shadow week in Chicago. It's a blessing to be surrounded by awesome friends - God is Good =) Pictured above are Bryan, Mary, and her roommates, Kristen & Kristine. We enjoyed a nearly "bottomless" dinner at the FoodLife court restaurant. Too bad photos were prohibited inside the restaurant area - perhaps some sort of key to their success? You have a choice of salads, bottomless soups, rotisserie, asian, mexican, wraps, creole, italian, burgers & dogs, and probably other goodies I can't think of at the moment - definitely worth another visit =)

I'm actually journaling on a notepad in the middle of a client meeting. A client rep. is giving an intro to PowerChart presentation to rehabilitation clinicians and I think I'd fall out of my chair from boredom if I don't keep writing. Today has been a really sleepy day but I'm having too much fun to not stay out late and soak in Chicago.
THUD! Nice! - the clinician sitting next to me just passed out and banged his head on the table. Perhaps a good indication that a break is necessary. I thought I was gettin' pretty good at masking my own nodding off - as soon as I felt my head begin to nod, I continued to nod as if I'm in agreement with the speaker's comments.

Maybe I'm just convincing myself that no one else notices o_O

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