Saturday, May 3, 2003

"Are You Gellin'?"

I'm gellin' like a felon. My $7 J.Crew dress shoes are really comfy now that I've surpassed the 'break-in' period. No - I don't have those Dr. Scholl's gel insoles but that commercial is stuck in my head from watching all those NBA playoff games on TNT. It's either that or those 'Great Taste - Less Filling' Miller Lite ads that get played over and over during the commercial breaks.

I took this pic with my new digital camera =) I really love the photo quality - It took forever for Dell to ship my camera out but it was worth the wait. Still need to find a camera case - especially if I'm traveling cross country to Chicago for Bryan and Marys' graduations (congrats and happy birthday to the both of ya!). This camera's kinda bulky and won't fit into my old case. Another cool thing I've been tryin' out is the NightVision function - took some
freaky pictures last night =O

There's a slight possibility that I'll be assigned to a project in the Cayman Islands for work! I have no idea what's out there but I'll be sure to document and photograph my journey there if I'm so lucky.

I sure am Gellin' Like a Felon...want some melon?

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