Friday, April 25, 2003

Just *Plane* Wrong

There are just some things you can't tolerate anymore after frequenting airports and airplanes for a while now...

When flying Southworst, everyone in the "A" line at the gate cut in front of each other as if they're gonna get that first pick of seats. It really is like a slaughter house where the cattle are being loaded on the cattle-train.

Then there are the inconsiderate people that fill ALL the overhead bins and bring on carry-on's that clearly do not fit in that dimensions box at the check-in counter.

Then when you're on the plane, people cough and blow their noses always seemingly in your direction. Adults nudge your seat backs. Old folks in the row behind you pull on your seat back for support during ingress/egress from the seat (I usually time it right and hit the recline button on my seat while they're doing this so they slip...muahahahhaa). I figure - who cares! it's not like they're gonna see you again.

After landing and the seatbelt sign turns off, people get up and there's a mass stench of flatulence. All that bad air just gets trapped in the seat and rises as soon as people get up. And it's unfortunate that at this point the air circulation has come to a halt. Again, the cattle scurry to de-plane in a mist of methane.

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