Friday, July 18, 2003

Take me home...
My travels have taken me out to Indianapolis recently and I'd have to say it's one of the better places to be though I'm totally not into working at the client site right now. For one thing, traveling 9 hours to get to the client is really gnawing at my body - I feel pretty crappy when I get there and when I get back home to SD at the end of a work week. Anywho...

Indianapolis has got some fine folk -- without fail I walk/jog down the street and am greeted with smiles by total strangers.

This is a conversation between 2 elder gentlemen I overheard on a street corner:
"Gee Russ, them gosh-darn kids went and stole the hubcaps off my green Ford Taurus again!"

"Well Bobby, them Ford cars ain't built like they used to! Ya need to go out and git yerself one of them japanese veHICKles"

I guess Indianapolis is really a college town - I work really close to Indiana University and the local folk refer to it as "IU" - pronounced 'EYE-YEEEUUUUU'.

One thing I've observed in Indy is how BIG car racing really is - people talk about NASCAR and Formula-1 racing much more than their Pacers or Colts. This past Tuesday I got to play Daytona USA 2 at a Dave & Busters-wannabe - some place called Jillian's. Anywho...I raced 7 locals and beat them all - my claim to fame for the week.

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