Friday, August 21, 2009

The Matano & Kang Families | Lifestyle

Last Saturday I shot a Family Lifestyle session with Doris and her family in and around Berkeley and Emeryville. We were also joined by her parents, Charles & Lucy; and her brother, Jim; and his wife, Clara; and their 3-month old daughter, Camille. We could not have asked for more perfect weather that afternoon. Her family was gracious enough to have me join them for lunch at Cafe Leila (definitely good eats) where I learned we actually have a lot in common. Her family also lived in San Diego for much of her childhood before moving up to the Bay Area. Doris and Darren also went to Cal. They are parents to a baby girl- 9-month old Audrey. And lastly, everyone at lunch pretty much shared a passion for photography!

Thank you again for the yummy lunch and hopefully our daughters can get together sometime soon for a playdate! Here are some shots from our session:

a tender moment between Grandma Lucy and Baby Camille

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