Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seattle 2010

After a couple bouts of food coma we made our way across the Canada-US border in time for Jenn & Lawrence's wedding.

congrats guys!

I've been to Seattle several times but this was my first time to Pike Place. I'm pretty sure every tourist takes this picture at the Public Market.

I ordered a tall coffee from the very first Starbucks store and was surprised to find that it was the best cup of coffee I had in Seattle.

We ordered a clam chowder and a seafood bisque. I was pleasantly surprised with the clam chowder. The seafood bisque was a little salty.

Beecher's stakes claim to the world's best mac & cheese. That sounds like a challenge to me. I'll probably be trying to recreate this soon. It was pretty good.

I wonder how many hours per day this parrot performs tricks.

Piroshky Piroshky - we got the beef and cheese - reminded me of a chinese curry bun.

On our second night in Seattle we were in pursuit of a Paseo cuban sandwich. We headed over to the Fremont Ave location only to find that they were all sold out. I must say that sandwich was pretty epic. Spicy. But pretty epic. This photo has nothing to do with Paseo but Ray's Boathouse restaurant was across the street from the sandwich shop in the Ballard location and I thought the sunset was gorgeous.

Trophy Cupcakes. I'm no cupcake fiend but this was a pretty unique flavor.

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