Monday, July 12, 2010

Phyllis + Ben | Wedding

The other day someone asked me what I love most about wedding photography. For me it's all about ANTICIPATION. For Phyllis & Ben's big day I loved all the little details leading up to the ceremony - the handcrafted Cal, Texas, LSU, and Columbia cookies for their guests; the hair & makeup session; the way the bridal party helped each other to put on the finishing touches looking ever so sharp. I loved the joy on Ben's face as he anticipated Phyllis coming down the aisle. That's such a beautiful moment for me. It was awesome to witness Phyllis & Ben's celebration in such a beautiful hotel, surrounded by family and friends.

Hotel Sofitel San Francisco Bay
Coordinator: Tiffanny Aurelio
Hair & Makeup: Jessie Weng
Cake: Sugar Butter Flour, Aki's Bakery
Flowers: Floral Design Studio

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Unknown said...

oh tim, these are just wooooonderful :) i love all the natural and perfect moments you captured that would've otherwise been lost or fuzzi-fied in memories!