Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taiwan Part 1

Here are some shots from our first day on the way to Taiwan. It's been hard getting online from here but finally finding some downtime now. While we've had some trouble adjusting to the +15 hour time difference here there has been no problems enjoying the good food here - more pics to come soon!

the clouds were just amazing on our flight over

wasn't all that impressed with my first meal on EVA Air

only in Asia will you find TV programs showcasing the efficacy of Coca Cola in cleaning urinals

there were so many empty seats on the plane that we each had our own row

Welcome to Taiwan!

ma makin' arrangements for our next day's adventure

Too Fast Too Fobby - Taipei Drift

our driver had some interesting decorations in his van (love the bokeh here)

a Taiwanese McMuffin

finally arrived at Uncle Eric's flat on FuXing South Road, Section 2

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