Friday, April 17, 2009

Taiwan Part 2

In my opinion the best part of our Taiwan trip so far has been the food. In this update you'll see lots of good eats amidst sightseeing at Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan National Museum, nightmarkets, and Taipei 101 - which is perhaps the face of modern Taiwan.

I wasn't able to sleep my first night and got this alley shot from balcony of the flat where we were staying.

I could start every morning with freshly made Chinese pastries.

shopping for produce at 5:45am local time

freshly made "baozi"

the rain came down in sheets on our first day out

scooters and taxis fight for inches at every street light

Nat enjoying fresh soymilk

another nice trinket from our driver's Sanrio-adorned van

the bay at Yehliu

famous rock formation that looks like the head of Cleopatra

with Auntie Jane at Yehliu

a restaurant more famous for its architecture than its food

the long walk to the Taiwan National Museum - I literally spent 5 minutes going up and down the stairs and was soaking wet with sweat. It was pretty humid that afternoon.

Taipei 101 at night

Tong Hua Nightmarket

duck tongues

the infamous Taiwanese Hot Dog with a bun made out of rice grilled in a sausage casing

4 bowls of noodles and 2 side dishes for $10

the first chinese character in McDonald's is the same as my last name

"lian wu" fruit

freshly squeezed OJ

enroute to Danshui

downtown Taipei

the clouds were awesome above Taipei 101

the prettiest ugly MINI Clubman I've seen

for the Chinster who got screwed over by termites and couldn't make the trip out

One of the many buildings where Chen Shui Bian hid his money before his downfall

a TRD Corolla Taxi

afternoon tea at the Four Seasons

jetlag plus food coma was a double-whammy that afternoon

we managed to fit one more meal into the day with some beef noodle soup and steamed spareribs


Calvin said...

You're making me hungry...!

Bridget said...

JEALOUS I couldn't be there. Food looks so good, pictures are amazing and makes me feel like I was there minus the tasting part of it. =) NICE pictures!