Monday, April 20, 2009

Taiwan Part 3

In retrospect, we were spoiled having a van show us around our first full day in Taipei. We probably got to visit a number of locations in one day that would take asian tour groups a week to conclude. Over the following days we slowed our pace down a bit and actually walked through the city, used more public transit, did some shopping, and the ladies even got new coifs. While our pace slowed, our appetites surely didn't.

On Wednesday we made our way to what seemed like the outskirts of town to find a masseuse that could work out some soreness in Heather's knees. I'd like to say it was straight from a movie to seek out a blind masseuse that could work a miracle and Heather be instantly healed but it just made her more sore that day.

now that's pain!

Amy and I went to go find some breakfast while we waited

Nat was determined to empty the masseuse's container of cookies

Tatung High School (the same Tatung brand of my rice cooker)

this is the road to where we find a packed restaurant serving eel liver skewers and unagi rice boxes

the forbidden photo - they didn't let me take photos inside the restaurant so I decide to covertly shoot from the hip with the camera hanging from my neck

eel liver skewers is perhaps an acquired taste and I sure didn't have a taste for it that day

we finally arrive at Mini Salon on high praise for chief stylist David pictured here in the middle

he even cut Nat's hair for free!

Heather's new look

Amy looking nervous while David trims layer after layer

that was all Amy's hair that got lopped!

the ladies restyled

right around the corner we tried a 'frog eggs' place which really is giant tapioca pearls mixed with other ingredients like red bean, grass jelly, almond jello, etc- pretty refreshing

of course we finish our dessert with another meal- around another corner we find Din Tai Fung which could be the #1 tourist destination for visitors of Taipei. They are probably know for their xiao long bao dumplings and I was expecting heaven on a plate but ended up with something middle of the road.

a lot of work actually goes into each dumpling as they weigh the dough for each wrapper precisely

per Marty's rec, the pork chop fried rice was the hit at Din Tai Fung

that same evening we had a Hong Kong-style banquet meal with some family friends. This was probably the most memorable dish for me in Taiwan for some reason. It was a shrimp and water chestnut dumpling spun in rice noodles and deep fried. The texture was just amazing - plus how can you say no to fried food?

our decadent menu from that evening - no worries, I can't read it either

Ma showed us proper rainy weather attire for locals. However, I didn't see anyone else wearing a plastic baggy in the rain.

Nat with Auntie Jane and Uncle Lawrence at Taipei Fullerton Hotel's brunch buffet

Taipei Arena

dessert from Ice Monster

Che lives on

Pepper Beef with Fried Chinese Dough

Taiwan's White House

thank you Angel for showing us around!

poor dog at a street market

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