Friday, September 4, 2009

San Diego [part 1] | personal

We decided to get a jumpstart on our Labor Day weekend and headed down to San Diego yesterday for a little R&R with my parents. I can't remember the weather being so humid down here.

We stopped at the TA TravelCenter in Buttonwillow, CA for our first break along I-5 South. Nat was happy to get off the car.

How can the ENTIRE menu be All You Can Eat? I can imagine how the conversation with the waitress would go:

The iceberg lettuce salad and chicken noodle soup were delicious. Can I get more of each?
waitress: You sure can! Just sit tight- it'll be about a 45-minute wait.
me: hmm....

We rented a car for the drive because our hybrids would get owned by the Grapevine. This Camry rental is so roomy!

3 devices for 3 different functions. Sure, the iPhone could technically do it all. We were hoping to hit irvine before 2pm where most ramen houses seem to close. We failed.

Snack time at 85C Cafe & Bakery where the buns are fresh and hot.

I don't miss this traffic at all...

an Elmo sighting in downtown Chula Vista

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