Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego [part 2] | personal

Here are some highlights from the rest of our weekend in San Diego hanging out with friends and family:

my dad steamed a red snapper. It was so big we had to cut the tail to fit it in the wok.

The plant has fallen

It's unheard of for a former Chula Vistan to never have been to Lolita's for mexican food but alas, I'm a noob. I had a California burrito and the carne asada fries pictured above. Little did I know that a California burrito was essentially carne asada fries in a tortilla. I was stuffed.

Nat loved the way the afternoon sun casted shadows on her feet.

Vinh demonstrates the optimal LCD setup for world domination.

Nat and Isa getting reacquainted

meet Layla

Steve eyeing some baby Nat ribs.

Nat's SO ready to go home.

I made pretty good time driving without any breaks. When Nat's asleep it's a good idea to just keep going.

So gross! Alas, finally home only to find a kitchen full of ants. Just so gross.

**Oh, I didn't realize I was advocating TJ's coffee but definitely a good place for good bargain beans.**

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