Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pirate's Booty on Treasure Island

I joined my brother-in-law, James, for a **brisk** swim in the bay off of Treasure Island yesterday afternoon. Little did we know that the night would only get colder...

I met up with James and his triathlon buddies in this huge empty parking lot adjacent to the marina and asked him if he thought it was safe to park here. "No, probably not." I suppose it was safe enough since they had a group swim here last week. We walk about a 1/4 mile to the beach where we start our swim and I'm thinking, "who lives on Treasure Island?" The only other times I've been to TI were for the SUPER CHEAP meals in the Job Corps Advanced Culinary Academy Fine Dining Restaurant.

After a 25-minute swim in the bay we gathered our belongings on the beach and started heading back to our cars. James' car key was missing. After digging through the sand for five minutes I'm thinking how much this sucks. Would somebody actually steal his car? As we walk back to the lot we glance over only to confirm our fears that the black Volvo was gone. Who actually does such a morally reprehensible thing?

We filed a police report at the lot and I drove James home with borrowed clothes and just the wetsuit on his back. After another hour the police called with good news- they found the car locked and parked in a seedy neighborhood about 2 miles away from the lot where it was "borrowed". In the end the only things taken were a CD wallet, a Williams Sonoma gift card, and a little bit of my faith in people. I'd love to believe we live in a place safe enough to leave our belongings untouched but that's just wishful thinking in this day and age.

I had my camera in the trunk of my Civic (who wants to take a Honda Hybrid for a joyride anyways?) and was able to take a couple shots of last night's craziness.

the car was fortunately intact and unscathed

James on the phone with the towing company

the Volvo was found about 2 miles away from the lot where we parked while we were swimming

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