Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alaska 2010 | Day 1

We boarded a flight to Seattle to embark on a 7-day roundtrip cruise through Alaska's inner passage. In practical terms this meant a 7-day disconnect from the Internet; a chance to finally relax in year 2010; and most importantly - eat with reckless abandon.

Here are some highlights from Day 1:

I loved the colors on this wall in the baggage claim area at SEA-TAC airport

last view of Puget Sound before embarking

I wondered if the lifeboats have ever been used on this 20-year old vessel

the Aqua Restaurant onboard the ship had interesting LED lights shining through the ceiling tiles

the food options were essentially endless on this cruise ship - not the right place to be at all if you're on a diet

view from the 12th floor down the ship into the main atrium where live music played nightly

every day ended with a gorgeous sunset around 9pm

Nat's ready for bed!

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