Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Juneau | Day 4

It seems like Juneau strives to be the complete antithesis of Anchorage. Enroute to Mendenhall Glacier our bus driver spoke so proudly about the city of Juneau and just ripped Anchorage a new one any chance he got. Actually most locals I conversed with seemed to have the same sentiment; perhaps stemming from the constant battle over where the state capitol should reside. Now that I've been to both cities I'd say that I'd rather live in Juneau if I'm looking for the outdoorsy Pacific Northwest lifestyle. If I wanted the overcrowded, drug-laden type of town with inner-city problems then there's no need to move to Anchorage - I can probably find plenty of that in California :)

Nat doesn't go anywhere without her camera now. I'm thankful it's digital!

When we got back on the ship from our day excursion in Juneau we headed up the inner passage in search of Sawyer Glacier.

Finally made it to Sawyer Glacier

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