Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alaska 2010 | Day 2 & 3

We spent Day 2 at sea enroute to our first port stop in Ketchikan, AK. To really get the most out of the cruise experience you must participate in all the on-board activities that you might not normally do - bingo, shuffleboard, sign up for gameshows and karaoke contests... It's entertaining for a week but I have no idea how my parents can thoroughly enjoy 1-2 month-long cruises!

I attended this "How To Use Your Point & Shoot Camera" talk so I could participate in the raffle for prizes. If you stuff the box with a dozen entries you're bound to win right?

This was a spoof of the NBC gameshow Minute To Win It

The sunset looked so different each day.

Day 3 - docked in Ketchikan, AK

awe yeah...

Someone's ridiculous attempt at collecting money in front of their own house

I am going to guess that this is the only business in the world where you can get your shoes and vacuum repaired at the same time while eating fudge.

This was the last time boards got shuffled on this trip as all the discs seemed to have made their way overboard.

This was easily the most epic sunset on our trip.

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